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The rest of the options will then pop-up below the box.attribute sets how many lines of options are displayed.Those numbers are guaranteed not to connect to an actual phone number so they're often used in television and movies to ensure that a viewer doesn't try to call the number and end up harassing some poor [email protected] While that was true decades ago, it is no longer true. Honestly, I would recommend you don't try to validate phone numbers.The 555 prefix is still special, but only a small range of numbers are guaranteed to terminate without connection 555-0100 to 555-0199. This is good and all, but it doesn't validate what was entered was actually a phone number. Even if you could write a big, hairy validator that would allow all the different legitimate formats, it would end up allowing pretty much anything even remotely resembling a phone number in the first place.

The first comment on this answer about the "Complicator's Gloves" is a good read... I'm not the original author, but I think it's well worth sharing as I found this problem to be very complex and without a concise or widely useful answer.Once you’ve set down that a form is going here, you will need to populate it with some of the input elements and a submit button. These will probably be the main parts of your form.They allow the reader to input either a line or multiple lines of text.Here’s a few to play with: attribute can also be used on a radio button to set one of the radios as selected by default.These are a cool way to get a user to select an option.

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When you click submit all the form information is sent to your target and the page (or following page) is loaded. Now, make sure your forms are accessible, and pretty.

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