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Finding a UAF Target Since this was my first time working with Free BSD, I just looked for some kernel object containing some function pointers which I could somehow derive the address of from the browser process.

It turns out that on firmware 1.01 this is incredibly easy: Code: sysctlbyname("kern.file", ...) will happily give you various kernel addresses relating to the file objects which the kernel uses to manage userspace file descriptors.

This public disclosure comes just days after news of Custom PS4 PKG Files on 4.55 and PS4 Kernel Code Exec on 5.00, and to quote from their official Fail0Blog for PS4 developers: The First PS4 Kernel Exploit: Adieu Plenty of time has passed since we first demonstrated Linux running on the PS4.

Now we will step back a bit and explain how we managed to jump from the browser process into the kernel such that ps4-kexec et al. Over time, ps4 firmware revisions have progressively added many mitigations and in general tried to lock down the system.

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While this also results in tons of memory being completely wasted, it does serve to nullify certain exploitation techniques (likely completely by accident...).

Like all Free BSD kernels, this image included “export symbols” - symbols which are required to perform kernel and module initialization processes.

However, the ps4 1.01 kernel also included full ELF symbols (obviously an oversight as they have been removed in later firmware versions).

Then, calling namedobj_create_ex(name = "haxplz", ...) will cause the kernel to access the same pointer, but cast it to type namedobj_dbg_t!

Exploitation To an exploiter without ps4 background, it might seem that the easiest way to exploit this bug would be to take advantage of the write off the end of the malloc’d namedobj_usr_t object.

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UAF Crafting The way chosen to exploit this type confusion was actually to convert it into a use-after-free scenario.

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