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I got twice a loss and was really annoyed and pissed-off, haven't played online then a few days... Just happened twice in a row on ps4 playing FUT seasons.1st game winning 2-0 Opponent pauses then restarts straight away then kicks off then BAM. FUT reopens without logging in, so no loss of connection, but i get a DNF and a loss for efforts.My QB and WR's were better than his but they could not make the catches his lesser WR's were making, not to mention his defenders reaction to the ball being thrown or ran was instant. I just got an interception late in game and up by 10 already. Went to leaderboards to see it didn't record my win.It was like they had 100 awareness and play recognition. This shit ruins the head to head gaming, but I'm hoping it doesn't happen again or I refuse to play online anymore. Than you contact EA - Same BS every fuckin time "It most be your internetconnection'. Z/status/821850142059991042 tbh i like the old glitch compared to this one the old one i started spamming draft and the guys that were better than me and took a lead against me use the glitch they get a win but i would have another shot to progress and the guys that i was better than i took a lead and they would do the glitch they wouldnt lose but i would win and go the next round until i actually won the draft because everyone i played used the glitch.

This BS, along with all the other BS fifa 17 brings to our homes is outright robberry by the wankers known as EA Sucks, this has happened to me a few times recently.

One kid had his mic on and I heard the PS4 turn off, what a suprise I get the dnf and I was winning 3-0 😂 Had this twice in the last 2 hrs, think I will give it a break for now.

Dynasty How did it happen or what did you do to trigger it? The Qb will bend down like he is going under center only to be more bent down by the guard and he will just allow the clock to hit zero forcing a penalty before it will go back to normal. He didn't even snap it behind him he simply like I said just stood up with the ball and ran. I'm assuming they know about this glitch and do it waiting for the freeze to end the game.

I deleted all the NCAA settings, but the problem is still there. A large portion of the time the Defensive playbook is only given about 3 seconds to choose a play, sometimes the playbook comes up after the ball has been snapped by the offense. In my Indiana dynasty Shane Wynn has speed and acceleration in the mid 90s. What game mode did you experience the bug/glitch in? He kept pausing after every play, and eventually it triggered something to freeze.

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