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Dating france muslims marriages

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Visitors are given a number as they register so that anonymity is preserved.

Mirzan, who acts as the master of ceremony, wears a traditional shalwar kamiz and an Islamic cap on his head.

He now organises special events for converts, Muslims over 40s, students, converts, professionals, Asian, Arabs, Bangladeshi…and with the rapidly growing presence of the French, now special events have been launched for them too.

The event of today is dedicated to this new sub-category and gathers together a wide variety of ‘francophones’: Two brothers from Mauritius, a Senegalese man (the only black visitor) and a majority of British and French of North African origin.

Mirzan sites various reasons for this: parents are not always able to introduce potential spouses.

But uncovered women are also present, as well as men wearing jelaba with long beards or more mainstream blue jeans or suits.

The dress code goes from the most conservative to the latest Islamic (or simply metropolitan) chic.

Our journey to find true ends, as our journey to cherish true love begins....

The ‘marriage events’ organised by the Islamic Circles take place at Bircbeck College, in central London, usually on Sundays. Mirzan Raja, the organiser, has run the Islamic Circle for the past 12 years.

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Prior to the event, participants have been sent various forms to fill in as well as documents explaining the event’s general principles.